Kanthal Wire Guide

trueVAPE Kanthal AWG34https://www.truevape.co.uk – Kanthal Resistance Wire is our preferred resistance wire for coiling rebuildable Atomizers.

For beginners and pros alike, many of you may not fully understand the benefits of how the different thicknesses of the American Wire Gauge (AGW) Kanthal Wire (KW) can be used with various rebuildable atomizers.

This guide will avoid anything too technical and is written in layman terms for ease of understanding (or at least I hope so!).

Before we look at the AWG chart, there are a few points you need to remember


Vaper’s Tongue | Vapers Fatigue

vaper suffering vapers tongue

https://www.truevape.co.uk – I remember first trying an electric cigarette over two years ago and thinking “OMG” this is too good to be true. I packed in the regular cigs and converted to ecigarettes permanently before the week was over.

What attracted me instantly – apart from a new gadget to play with – was the unlimited flavours available. I have to admit better health was a bonus, as I seriously had no intention of quitting or finding an “alternative” to analogue smoking at the time. I was quite shocked at how quickly I shelled out £120+ for my first starter kit.

Two months down the line, still happily vaping away my favourite ejuice, I began to notice the flavour degrading to a point it tasted nothing more than burnt coil. It was almost as if the flavour was completely transparent, picking up only the impurities of a gunked-up atomizer coil.


trueVAPE – 100% VG E liquid Manufactured in the UK

Eliquid-LogoAt trueVAPE we specializing in bring you VG E liquids that contain no PG, and this includes the flavourings also. The reason for this focus is due to the many allergy suffers that have nowhere to turn when converting to electronic cigarettes, but fail to find an e liquid that they can tollerate.

99% of our customers have found success with our e liquids and with the ever increasing number of vapers growing on a daily basis, find an e cig refill that both tastes great and does not cause allergic reactions is becoming more and more important.

VG is a natural componant and normally used in conjection with PG to form the e liquid base. VG is a thick and sweet liquid that produces thick vaper when heated. PG on the other hand is a thin tasteless synthetic liquid that produces less vapour, but helps absorb the nicotine more efficiently and thus enhances the throat hit.

The two balance each other out perfectly, however PG allergy sufferers have no choice but to vape 100% VG E Juice. While this is still manageable, many ecig users may run into wicking problems due to the Vegetable Glycerin’s viscosity. This is especially so in the winter months as the cold thickens the liquid up even more. To counter this, it is advised to use bottom coil atomizers (or BDC’s) which suck the liquid down into the atomizer rather than sucking the liquid up the wick as done with top coil atomizers.

Some companies who offer 100% VG e liquids, do so by mixing in some distilled water which helps to thin the liquid out some. This is known as Aqueous Glycerin (Or AG). This can help resolve wicking issues, however reduces the amount of vapour produced from thier ecigarette. Those who like to “chase the clouds” would want to stick with VG in this case.

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